Matt Schur

Author & Poet


Book Cover of Cross Sections

Cross Sections: A Poetry Collection

"Cross Sections is a powerful book of poetry-as-prayers weaving together Christian imagery, tradition, progressive theology, and fresh vision. For those of us familiar with scripture, especially, Schur's words challenge us to boldly and tenderly engage some of the verses and stories that are so familiar to us that they have otherwise gone stale in our hearts. Cross Sections gives space to all human emotions on both the individual and communa...

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Imperfectly Perfect Book Cover

Imperfectly Perfect

“From Betty White’s death to the assault on Kyiv, from atonement theory to Ahmaud Arbery’s murder, Matt Schur exposes a raw Christian heart through poetry, parable, and story. The broad scope and hard wrestling of his Christian imagination have enriched my own.”
—Dr. Greg Carey, Lancaster Theological Seminary, author of Death, the End of History, and Beyond: Eschatology in the Bible

"Matt Schur's writing is haunting and honest and holy. He writes with refreshing candor about the sharp edges of life, and does so with both grace and truth—a tricky balance to strike. I gasped aloud at several pieces in this collection, and will be buying a hard copy or a dozen as soon as I can get my hands on them. Th...

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